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This page gives a general introduction to the topic of Meditation and may be especially helpful to those who have no or little experience of its practice. Sources of free and other resources are provided  on the next page.
Meditation has been practised by many civilisations over thousands of years and was well known and recommended for its therapeutic effects. Today, in the Western world, it is generally considered to be one of the most effective tools in any stress management plan. It is highly recommended that you include it as a component of your individualised Stress Plan. Much research has been carried out on its overall effects on those who practice it consistently. Among its many beneficial outcomes are:
*    Reduction in body tension leading to generalised relaxation
*    Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure
*    Provides help in pain control and in the healing process
*    Period of withdrawal from  external stresses and demands
*    Creates a balance between the left and right sides of the brain resulting in an alpha (relaxed) state
*    Leads to a general quieting of the mind which can lead to a sense of deep peace
*    General improvement to physical and mental well-being.
Meditation involves you in stepping away from your daily routines and spending some time in looking inwards. It usually begins with an effort to achieve physical relaxation and may involve concentration on the breath or on an external object [e.g a candle flame]. It is a skill which requires lots of practice but when it becomes a daily routine it is a powerful aid to making life more satisfying and fulfilling.
However, for the benefits listed above to be achieved, it is necessary to practise meditation consistently and, preferably, on a daily basis. It is a worthwhile idea to set aside a particular time each day [ 15 to 30 minutes] for meditation practice. In the beginning, you can start with a meditation of between 5 and 10 minutes.
When you begin a daily meditation session you need to be mindful of the following:
*    You must ensure that others know you are not to be disturbed during meditation time
*    Telephones, TVs  and other communication devices etc close to you need to be turned off
*    You need to be located in a comfortable  quiet environment and sitting in a fashion where you can    relax easily
*    You should be alcohol and drug free condition
*    You need to know that you have no medical condition which might be adversely effected by    meditation practice (e.g. possibly epilepsy)         [Consultation with your doctor is advised if you are    unsure about any potential medical problem]
There are many specialised web sites available which give more detailed introductions to, and instructions on, meditation practice. Most of them are informative and helpful, but you need to be aware of the commercial flavour of some. Rather than spending out initially on a meditation program, I suggest you test out your reaction to meditation by using some of the free resources available on the next page If you find the inclusion of meditation practice in your life is helpful, you will then be in a better position to choose the type of package or program which will be best for your individual needs.
Wealth, power and status alone do not guarantee personal peace and happiness

Poverty, trauma, low station in life are not insuperable obstacles to achieving a satisfying lifestyle.

Personal peace, happiness and a satisfying lifestyle are there for all to achieve. If you choose to have these things, regardless of circumstances, you can attain them.
There are few studies which suggest that the practice of meditation can have negative or adverse physical or psychological effects on an individual practising it..
Many studies attest to the fact that meditation can be a powerful and positive help in the ongoing task to achieve a satisfying, healthy and happy lifestylel
It’s probably worth  giving it a try.. And it’s completely cost free !