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Stress Plan
If the effects of stress are making your life unpleasant or totally miserable at the moment, you need to stop RIGHT NOW and think matters through.

What are the options you have?

  You can tell stress to go away - but, alas, however much you shout about it, it won't

   You can try to ignore its effects on you - but it won't let you

   You can attempt to hide away from the events that bring stress into your life - but you won't live a very full life

   You can continue to endure it - but you do so at your peril

You can learn to manage your stress and change your attitude to the things that make you stressed out - this is the ONLY approach that works

Studies on stress and its effects on individuals have established beyond doubt:

   that any thing, situation, event or person can be a source of stress for you - if you let it be

   that feelings of stress arise in us because of our perception of the happenings causing it

   that the continued experience of stress can be dangerous to health in the long term

   that our attitude to all that happens in our life is closely related to the levels of stress we experience

   that stress can be managed - resulting in greater personal happiness and peace of mind

However, to manage stress we need to become very self-aware and to identify the issues which are our major stressors. This is not always an easy task and many of us sometimes need help with this. However, once we can clearly define the sources of the painful stress in our lifestyles we are able to move forward and to work at becoming more relaxed and at peace with ourselves and our world.
Remember,the basic message about stress is that it requires you to take action if you are to avoid the adverse effects of the stressful events in your life. How you respond to stress is the key as to whether it effects the quality of your everyday lifestyle.

To take effective action, you need to have a Stress  Management Plan.
Managing your stress requires more than purchasing or reading a book, listening to a CD, popping a pill or  signing up for a mini course on dealing with stress.
It requires your commitment to ACTION and action which is persistent and life-changing!

If you cannot find the energy, willingness or means to take appropriate action, you will not solve your stress difficulties.

   NOW is the moment to make the resolve to do something about the stress shadowing your life.
Sometimes in life’s journey we have to pause, to recognise and admit that the road we have been taking is not leading to the destination we seek.

At such a moment, we need to stop, re-evaluate the lifestyle we have created and devise new goals which will move us in our preferred direction.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is an ideal tool to guide and support us in this difficult but vital exercise.