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This site was originally set up in 2010 as It was originally planned as a secondary resource for those who purchased the first Edition of my book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks. It aimed to provide visitors with a range of free resources for personal development and to introduce and discuss topics which had been briefly mentioned in the book text. It was assumed, therefore, that anyone coming to the site had already a clear idea of what the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan was and how it was set up.

In 2014, the concept of the original site has been changed somewhat and it has now been renamed as While it still retains its previous objectives, the site has been widened to include catering for the needs of those who are unfamiliar with the Phoenix Plan.

I hope that this change will help those who - perhaps - in the past stumbled on the site and experienced some frustration at not finding enough introductory information about the general aims, set up and way of implementing the Plan in their daily lives.

As before, this site is not commercial in any way: and you will never be asked to register or to provide an email or to submit any personal details in order to make full use of it.

Here are some of the resources available through the current site:

 Once again, welcome to and I hope you gain some personal benefit from visiting the site.

If the Phoenix Self-Help Plan is completely new to you, and you would like simple instructions on how to use it, you can download a free ebook copy of Your Easy Guide To the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan by clicking on the link below.

This will give you a chance to read about the Plan at your leisure and decide whether or not it might help you.

The ebook [22 pages] is in PDF format.

You will not be asked for an email or other personal details when you click on the link below.

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