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Personal Transformations 2016

The paperback Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [first published 2010] has now been published in a Second Edition.
The Second Edition [200 pages] has been updated and expanded with three new chapters, a Further Reading Resources and an up-to-date list of self-help web sites.
The print book is available for purchase from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk . Prices are [US] $8.99 and £5.28 respectively. Ebook Kindle versions are also available at these sites for [US] $3.10 and £1.81. Links to purchase sites appear below.

An Ebook [PDF] version [Second Edition 2014] is also available from Lulu.com. This can be read on most devices using the free Adobe Reader or the free Foxit Reader.  Prices are [US] $1.50, UK £0.89, Australia [AUS] $1.54. The link is provided below.

It is not necessary to purchase the paperback  Change Your Life in Ten Weeks in order to successfully work through the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. Full step-by-step guidance and associated documentation is provided at the web site at   www.replanyourlife.co.uk
However, the published version [ Second Edition] contain a number of chapters on key self-improvement issues ( with exercises) which are meant to be thought provoking and helpful as you work to improve your lifestyle. You are strongly recommended to download the free ebook  before proceeding to purchase the paperback version.
A totally free ebook copy [PDF format] of the Second Edition [2014] of Change Your Life In Ten Weeks is also available for download at the Obooko site. Read more about it by clicking the link below:

You do NOT have to pay to obtain a copy of the paperback Change Your Life In Ten Weeks.

A totally free download [.PDF] edition of the book’s Second Edition [2014] is now available.

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