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As already stated, it is probably a good idea to try some of the free resources when you are taking on meditation for the first time. If you browse the Internet, you will soon notice that there are many kinds of meditation and not all will appeal to or be suitable to your disposition or needs. Later, when you are more familiar with the type of meditation practice which works best for you, you will be in a better position to consider a commercial product.
Some products which are listed as Self-Hypnosis items can also be considered to be meditation-like resources. Probably, a significant difference between the two is that self-hypnosis aids are linked more to a specific therapeutic objective, [e.g. how to increase your self-confidence/ state of relaxation etc]. Self-hypnosis aids also make more use of creative visualisation [e.g. walking along a quiet beach etc.] than more traditional meditation practices and generally involve the inclusion of post hypnotic suggestions in the script. However, links to free self-hypnosis resources are included below.
Some Free Meditation Resources [For further information, click on the URL provided]
* The Meditation Society of Australia - a free, non-religious group which offers a free introductory    course on Meditation and many related free resources.  It involves no personal expense by the user.

* Sahaja Yoga based introduction to meditation. Offers a free Online Course and many free back-up    resources. No payments ever asked for.

* Meditation Techniques Guide: another Yoga based meditation site but includes information on Buddhist    meditation. Participation  entirely free to users.

* Mindfulness Meditation is based on a form  of Buddhist meditation but has been developed to cater    for those in Western societies. There is much evidence as to its beneficial effects.

* Project Meditation [led by Michael Mackenzie] provides a wide range of free guided meditations which   are available for download. This is also a commercial enterprise which specialises in LifeFlow meditation   technology.

* Some free Self-Hypnosis downloads - located on another of my group sites. May be helpful.
Meditation Resources

If you choose now not to take steps to change and improve the lifestyle which is currently causing you distress, will the distress go away?

Probably not.  

If you set up and work at appropriate self-development goals will your life be more rewarding?