You CAN change your life,manage your stress,banish your tensions and improve your life... ..if you choose to work at it Transformations 2018

There are many  self-help and personal growth sites on the Internet. Some have a very commercial set-up and seem determined to sell you something. Others seem desperate to obtain your email or other personal particulars.

However, there are some excellent not-for-profit sites which respect your privacy and never pressurise you to purchase..

Select your sites carefully.. And do not be persuaded that you must always make a purchase

When you work to improve your life quality, you choose your own goals and timeframe to achieve it.

If you slip up or miss out on working to your goals, it’s no catastrophe.

Remember, two steps forward and one step backwards still represents real progress.

The secret: never give up and eventually you will get close to where you want to be...

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If you have a problem with any hyperlink or in downloading any item, please let me know by emailing me [see Contact page] and I will endeavour to fix the fault as quickly as possible.

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