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You cannot move forward until you know where you want to go.
You cannot know where you want to go until you have worked out what is wrong with the way things are at the present.
Lifestyle evaluation is the precursor to the birth of worthwhile and appropriate goals.
The Phoenix Self-Help Plan can help you to establish the goals that are best for you and provides a step-by-step approach to achieving them.

Are you fearful of failure in your  attempts  to improve your life?

Fear  not,  for everyone
starting on the path to self-improvement tends to make many unsteady and temporary steps.

These falterings are not  failures but, properly viewed,  can give us confidence to try again in a slightly different way.

Remember - two steps forward and one step backwards represents real progress!
[June 2015]
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On this site, you are invited to learn more about the Phoenix-Self-Help Life Plan, which is a free online self-coaching program for positive lifestyle change. The Phoenix Plan provides you with a well thought out structure and system if you want to make decisive changes to your present way of life. Its major objective is to allow you to take your personal life from where it is now to where you want it to be..
What it requires of you is personal commitment to making time and effort to work through the Plan as set out. Although the Plan is built on a ten week timeframe, it can be modified to suit your own circumstances.
It may be that you have come to this site after purchasing the published paperback or ebook titled Change Your Life In Ten Weeks. If so, you will already have a overall idea of how the Phoenix Plan is set up. However, on this site you will find additional self-help material which will augment your efforts when you work through the Plan.
If you are hearing about the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan for the first time, you will be able to find out lots of information about it on this web site.
This site will NOT tell you what changes you need to make in your life nor will it suggest the goals you must work towards.
Rather, it will set out HOW you can assess your present lifestyle, work out the goals that are important for you and suggest a method to draw up a personal self-improvement plan.
There is nothing for sale on this web site. All resources are free and you are never asked for  personal details or email addresses. You do not need to buy the published paperback on the Phoenix Plan in order to work through it successfully.
This is a not-for-profit web site. Personal details are never asked for and there is nothing to purchase!